Shin Sekai yori Review

This. I like it.

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This is review number one hundred and sixty seven. This anime is part of the Fall 2012 lineup. It’s a really amazing anime called Shin Sekai Yori. I wasn’t expecting much from this anime but damn, this one is really wonderful. It’s a twenty five episode anime about people with psychic powers and the history of mankind. It’s a tale about how the truth is often a bit hard to swallow. Let’s read on.

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Shin Sekai yori Review

Shokugeki no Paella Madoka: First Chapter

…The space squirrel then proceed to entice Madoka using tickets to an eat all you can seafood restaurant. Madoka asked the squirrel if by chance, the legendary dish -Seafood Paella- is served there. The extraterrestrial ferret nodded. Madoka then went with the totally trustworthy squirrel to the said restaurant. Lo ’twas but a trick, for there are none! Madoka wept. The goddess Homura saw Madoka’s weeping face and pitied the girl, so she momentarily descended from her realm and blessed Madoka.
“I will grant you one wish!” said Homura.
“….R-really? ” asked Madoka
“Yes, for your pure heart has touched mine.” reassured Homura.
“T-then please give me the power to end all suffering! ” begged Madoka.
The goddess then accumulated all of her power to summon the one thing that would make Madoka happy and would end suffering, especially Madoka’s.
Beams of light converged on a single point in front of Madoka, blinding nearby spectators with holy and cosmic power. Then it appeared. A magical wok containing what is said to be the best looking paella Madoka’s eyes laid upon.

Shokugeki no Paella Madoka: First Chapter

Yeah, I’m writing a story, probably romance.

Dull gray skies confronted me as I look through the window.

3:46 pm, a little more before I leave this place.

” Haru-kun~, could you please answer number 4 on the board? ”
” Hai, sensei! ”

(Haruki, written with characters: (haru : sunlight) and (ki: radiance, shine))

Haruki Haru, a person brimming with energy, often spreading joy around him.
In other words: annoying.
Why do people like that even exist? Why waste time on something so trivial like
making friends and infecting others with this so called “Happiness”?
Oh if only I could eradicate every anomaly in this pla-

” Na -Na -Ho -Shi -chan! ”
” Hai! Sensei!? ”
” Could you answer number 5? Teehee ”

I swiftly glanced at my surroundings. Everybody was looking at me, eyeing me.
Cold sweat ran down from my forehead as I tried to calm my nerves.

” I-I’ll try….”

I hate it when people pour their attention to me.

As I walk down the aisle, my skirt miraculously got tangled with one of the keychain
attached to a bag. It was not a pretty sight, me losing balance due to the unexpected
feelings (attachment) that Keychain-kun has for me, I’m such a bishie-killer.

” Are you okay, Nanahoshi-san!? ”

Oh great, now Sunshine-san’s saving a dunce in distress, hooray!…..

” I-I’m fine…Thanks ”

” I’m glad.”

” Ara.. Haru-kun please refrain from flirting during classes now > 3 < ”
” Jeez, Sensei. You know that even if I try, Nanahoshi-san won’t bat an eye ”
” Hmm.. You’re right fufufu.. ”

I don’t understand, how could they make a small talk when everybody is watching us!
To think that they’re talking about me.
Not to mention I have this problem that I have to solve, in front of my classmates.
Why do we have to solve this in the board? What are we, Americans? Such a pain…. ugh.

” Finished! ”
” ….done.”

” Thanks you two. Now, open your books on pa-”

All right! Class is finished, bells are the only non-annoying noisy things.

” All right! Class is finished! Ne, ne, why don’t we go home together?”

Oh yeah, I forgot that Sunshine-san was my seatmate, what a bother.

” Ehh??……..well I guess that’s the expected answer. I don’t even know where you live hahaha”

True enough. I too, have inadequate knowledge about where this filthy creature lives.

” Oooooiiii! Haru! You coming or what?”
” Hai!! Wait a sec. Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then, later!”
” …..*sigh* ”

Well I guess it’s time for me to go too, the amount of interactions this day is too much for me.
I wonder what Nii-san’s going to cook for dinner? Well even his Tamago Kake Gohan is delicious so it won’t make a difference.
Oh I just remembered that there’s a that new T*les game Nii-san bought just a while back, who should I use? Hmmm….

” E-eto…… Nanahoshi-san…”
” Eh? ”
” I-I’m terribly sorry!! That was my keychain that got tangled with your skirt. Please forgive me!!”
” Eh, ahh, I-I don’t mind much….”

Even though nothing major happened, I can’t even begin to imagine how a keychain would get tangled in a skirt…..!!!!!!

” Hey! Is that the new limited edition Hook Sword? ”
” Ah, honestly my cousin gave it to me so I don’t know. By the way, I didn’t know that Nanahoshi-san likes these stuff, if you don’t mind, I could give
it to you as compensation from earlier.”
” Iie, Iie. Don’t bother…”
” Well, okay then, but if you ever change your mind, I could always give it to you.”
” …..I appreciate the thought.”
” Well see you then!”
” Oh…same to you.”

What was that all about? Anyways I should go back now too.
” Tadaima… ”
” Ahh, Okaeri! Did you have fun in school? ”
” What’s this fun you’re talking about? ”
” If you keep up that attitude, you’ll never get a boyfriend fufufu ”
” Nii, if you keep that up I’m going to smash all your figurines. ”
” Iieeeeeeee!! Anything but my collection!! *fake sobs*”
” *sigh* Anyways, what’s for dinner? ”
” I’m not going to tell you because you’re mean! Hmph! ”
” Kaa-san! Where’s the bat? ”
” Alright, alright! Jeez! You’re not fun. The dinner’s Kare Nochi Gohan ”
” By the way, is Kaa-san already here? ”
” Wait, you didn’t even know but you still called her? Ah, you got me there. Anyways, she’s upstairs, go change your clothes and call her for dinner when you’re done. ”
” Haaaaaaaaiiii….. ”

As I open the room’s door, I noticed some odd sounds that suspiciously sounds like ripping paper.

” aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Kuro whyyyy!?!?!? ”

M-my posters were being ripped and scratched in front of my eyes. My bishie art collection, why is this goddamn dog in here?

” Wha!? What’s the matter!? ”
” You let Kuro in my room again! ”
” But I was sure that Kuro was– Oh! Maybe Kaa-san brought Kuro upstairs. ”
” *sigh* Kaa-san! You let Kuro eat my posters! I want compensation. ”
” Haa? Why are you two screaming? Oh, Karu Okaeri! ”
” Kaa-san, Kuro ate my posters, give me 10000¥ ”
” That’s too much! Oh I know, why don’t I hook you up with my friend’s son? Heehee. ”
” Good Grief, can you guys please stop talking about boyfriends and romance? And besides, the posters were limited edition, 10000¥ is reasonable. ”
” Hai, hai. Here, it’s Mako’s allowance for the week. ”
” Ah! Okaaaaa-san!!!!”
” Nanchatte! Hihi. And Karu, I won’t give you 10000¥ but I’m going to promise you something great this weekend! ”
” There you go again with those ‘ great ‘ things. ”
” The food’s getting cold, go change you clothes Karu, you too Kaa-san, I told you earlier to change your clothes but you’re still in your work uniform. Yare yare. ”
” Hai, hai. “

Yeah, I’m writing a story, probably romance.

Chapter 181: Choral Magic


Sorry for all the waiting, I’ve been lacking motivation lately.
Also, some of the dialogue labels may be wrong… it’s hard to tell who’s speaking so I made it up.
Choral Magic
“Count, are you alright?” (rato)
“Do I look like I’m alright?” (naofumi)
My whole body ached….
Damn, it only succeeded at a time like this.
My luck is too extreme. This is harassment.
I’m not one of those inherently unlucky protagonists who appear in Light Novels. [T/N: But you are actually…]
“Zweite Heal” (naofumi)
I cast recovery magic along with Rato.
As expected of a fantasy world, my wounds healed before my eyes and the pain faded.
The injury I suffered was big, but the enemy had also been weakened.
Our average level was still low. I wanted to lower another rank.
“Okay, next is to lower the Rarity!” (naofumi)
Should I attempt SR -> SR+?
I ignore…

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Chapter 181: Choral Magic

The Rise of the Shield Hero Chapter 180

Inlitify OA

Naofumi’s intelligence may be visibly falling.

Chapter 180: Good Luck

I check the Wrath Shield.

… You have not cleared the conditions to unlock this shield.

I can’t check its status!
And Gaelion’s status is so corrupted that I can’t make any sense of it.

“For now, the only thing we can do is defeat him!” (Naofumi)
“Defeating it is… correct, right?” (Taniko)

Gaelion was able to slip past us and get out of the cave.
His size is now greater than 20 meters, He looks like an authentic dragon.
His eyes are shrouded in darkness. I can’t read his expression.
I can’t find any part of this being similar to the Gaelion we know.

(TL: Note, this sound is written in alphanumerics)
“Ah… Yes. I’m fine. How have you been?” (Taniko)

Everyone snaps their heads towards Taniko… She’s also at a loss for words. She’s one of…

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The Rise of the Shield Hero Chapter 180

Near Demise


    (c) Shinku

Unfair, just unfair.
Here she is, breathing life and happiness to those around her, while eminent death is approaching. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here, being a big nuisance, being a hindrance to the people who I once considered as companions. If I could give up my life just to extend yours, I would without a doubt.Why is it like this? Life is such an asshole, cutting the life of extraordinary people while prolonging the agony of those like me. It’s just….


    I-I don’t know anymore.
Near Demise